Panoramic Viewpoints in Cappadocia

Tourist information and guide to best viewpoints, photography spots and observation terraces for amazing panoramic views in Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia is world famous photogenic place offerin outstanding landscape, fairy chimneys and rock-cut houses, the beautiful valleys and scenic lunar hills to incredible monuments for its visitors. There are variety of great panoramic viewpoints in Cappadocia for the ones who want to enjoy the stunning views of Cappadocia and also for photographers.

Going to one of the popular viewpoints of Cappadocia is the best way to experience and enjoy the amazing landcape carved in fairy chimneys and rock formations. The Red Valley (Kizilcukur) is the best spot for watching sunset in Cappadocia. The Lovers Hill (Asiklar Tepesi) is the best spot for watching sunrise in Cappadocia.

Best Panoramic Viewpoints in Cappadocia for you...

The top best panoramic views of Cappadocia can be watched at the Goreme Viewpoint, Red Valley (Kizilcukur) Viewpoint, Lovers Hill Viewpoint, Goreme Open Air Museum Viewpoint, Uchisar Castle Viewpoint, Ortahisar Castle Viewpoint and Urgup Wish Hill Viewpoint.

Goreme Viewpoint

Esentepe Viewpoint

Goreme Viewpoints (Esentepe and more) are located along the hills on the Goreme-Avanos road. You may see variety of lovely restaurants and cafes lined up along the hill overlooking Goreme Valley.

Red Valley (Kizilcukur) Viewpoint

Sunset from the Red Valley

Red Valley (Kizilcukur) is located in the middle of Goreme Naitonal Park named after the red colored formations spread through the valley. Red Valley also known as one of the best places in Cappadocia and in Turkey to watch the sunset. The crimson ambiance on sunset also give a dreamful scenery to the Red Valley.

Lovers Hill Viewpoint

Lovers Hill

Lovers Hill is situated in Goreme and can be accessed by climbing the path along the central Goreme Mosque. Lovers Hill offers great sunrise panorama as well as Goreme Valley.

Uchisar Castle Viewpoint

Uchisar Castle

Uchisar Castle, situated in Uchisar town, is the highest point of the region and also the biggest and the most beautiful fairy chimney of the region where you may enjoy a unique panoramic view over Cappadocia.

Ortahisar Castle Viewpoint

Ortahisar Castle

Ortahisar Castle, situated in Ortahisar town, offers a magnificent panorama over the fairy chimneys of Hallacdere and the snowy peak of Mount Erciyes.